Our Fabrics

The collection proposes two different lines:


A more traditional line, made up of simple colored fabrics and classic patterns. Lanificio Lamberto produces quality cashmere, alpaca, mohair, brushed  and plain fabric, patterned and jacquard fabric. The company makes fabrics for jackets coats, clothes, trousers etc. with soft finishes and three-dimensional effects and lighter weights wool / cotton and elastane, joined and striped. The line has also seersucker shirts and dress in checked patterns.


The second line, on the other hand, is born with a touch of extravagance and is dedicated exclusively to a vivacious, confident woman that seeks personalized elements in the richness of patterns and prints. This through workmanship, combinations of colors and strong elements of individuality.

The eclecticism of the company historically linked to a predominantly classic product was able to transform and diversify its products, creating a distinctive style and drawing aspects and ideas from many different contexts and bringing them together in a new and original solution.

Lanificio Lamberto


  • Address: Via Arrigo Boito 9, Montemurlo (PO) 59013
  • Phone: 0039 0574 791731
  • Fax: 0039 0574 680920
  • E-mail: info@lanificiolamberto.com

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